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product arrow LED Video Light VL 198 for kamera Videography dan studio

Price Rp 380.000

ATT VL-198 is a perfect continuous lighting LED for your video camera or DSLR. With great colour and soft lighting, ATT VL-198 helps you to capture the best photo you want. Nearly heat-free, ATT VL-198 gives you cool and comfortable shooting experiences.

Brightness adjusting and colour temperature adjust function
Battery power indicator
Expandable up to 9 LED panels
High quality LED bulbs with long lifespan
Multiple battery options: SONY, PANASONIC, NIKON EN-EL15, CANON LP-E6, D16
Support 9V DC Power
Low power consumption and power saving

Do not face the LED when the LED is on
Do not block the heat ventilation by paper or cloth
Do not place the LED close to flammable objects or alcohol
Do not place liquids on the LED
Do not grab the LED head to pick up your camera when they are attached
Do not use strong cleaning agents to clean the LED
Use dry soft cloth to clean the LED

Safety Precaution:
To prevent fire or electric shock, please keep the device away from rain and humidity
Should you notice any smoke or unusual temperature from the equipment, Cut off the power and stop using it. Take the device to an authorized service centre for inspection.
Do not disassemble the device by yourself. In an event of malfunction, the product should be repaired only by a qualified technician or service centre.
During storage and transportation, please turn the device off
Please use the appropriate lithium battery for the device
Keep the device out from children reach

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