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Price Rp 375.000
Rp 325.000

The SKATER MINI PRO is a tool for creating fluid and dynamic video footage; compatible with all cameras and affordable to all videographers. This SKATER MINI PRO has a small footprint while still offering the same smooth, fluid tracking, and rotational dolly shots that normally can only be achieved with very large and expensive systems.

(Above) Kamerar Skater Mini Pro & Skater Mini
The Skater Mini Pro platform offers (6) 1/4-20 mounting points to add accessories such as LED lights, Microphones, or HDMI Monitor Displays for easier viewing. Simply adjust the axles to perform either side to side, forward / back, or smooth rotational tracking shots.

Features :
Portable, versatile, and lightweight; virtually no setup required
Can be used with any camera, tripod head, friction arm, mount, etc with 1/4" threading
Soft urethane wheels for smooth and quiet movement

- Mini Skater Dolly Pro 
- Weight: 640g 
- For DSLRs, EVILs & Small Camcorders 
- Mini Skater Pro
- Weight: 640g
- For DSLRs, EVILs & Small Camcorders 
- Inline Skate-Style Wheels 
- Rolls Straight & in Full Circles 
- Adjustable Axle Positions 
- High-Quality Ball Bearings 
- Aluminum Construction 
- (3) 1/4"-20 Threads for Accessories

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